Welcome to my passionate, sometimes chaotic world of ART!

Growing up in San Diego California, as an only child I spent many creative hours drawing, painting, writing poetry, and listening to music. In my early 20's, I sold my art pieces at various venues throughout the San Diego area. When the craft industry really took off again in the 80's and 90's, I found myself designing and selling jewelry and Victorian items at local  shops and fairs. Never really a fan of "cutesie" stamps and things, I  later fell in love with the more offbeat/artsy stamps, inks, products, and techniques.  Controlled Chaos (in a good way) is really my style.  Less is more is NOT in my vocabulary.  My books and  albums are chalk full of pockets, tags, fold outs, accordion pages, hideaways, and "mini books" for the big books, hidden bookmarks and cards-lots of ephemera,laces, and flowers.  Tons of texture and dimension abound in my projects. I have a flair for Steampunk type mixed media  with a girly twist and my pieces vary from whimsical to a bit of the dark, outsider type of art.

Since 2005, I found myself very busy working full time with special education students, teaching mixed media art classes both in-store and online, and serving as a Design Team Member for Altered Pages, CardsNStamps, ThermOWeb, Spellbinders, and Krafty Lady.  After 30 years with the school district, I retired  in 2012. For the past couple of years I've just been enjoying the quiet life and have given even my art muse a little rest.  I'm feeling that "pull" again to CREATE, to express myself through my art and am looking forward to the next several years of mixed media opportunities and self fulfillment.


 Angel Policy:    Please be sure to familiarize yourself with my angel policy- I think its very reasonable- 

I ask that you don't teach my classes or any part of them and that you NOT send in anything in for publication to any mag. or book. (Obviously because I'm planning on doing that) Please feel free to make and sell the items you create from my classes giving me credit when possible. You could just say- inspired by a class I took by Carol Murphy and then give my website or something like that. That would in turn make money for both of us as I might gain some new students and you could sell your pieces you create from my classes. Also, please try to change things up a bit and maybe use a different face, fabric, fibers, etc. People shouldn't look at your pieces and say," Oh that's one of Carol Murphy's pieces."

Hopefully this seems fair to everyone. Please try to remember the above mentioned stipulations and feel free to sell the pieces you make in my classes.

In loving memory of "Sam"  


All images and poetry on this site are the property of Carol Murphy  Altered By Design © 2006. Do not copy, download, or in any way use the images or poetry on this website without written permission from Carol Murphy

"Hold close the little child within and listen to the whispers"

























































 "Hold close the little child within and listen to the whispers"